Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Fountain

I'm a movie fan and I've seen a some that I love and some that I hate and a lot that fall somewhere in between. One movie that I have always been a fan of is The Fountain. I've talked to a many who haven't cared for it or just haven't gotten it so here's my brief synopsis.

Hugh Jackman plays the male lead in three different stories. In one he's a scientist whose wife, played by Rachel Weisz, is stricken with cancer. Through out the movie he's conducting research to try and find a cure for her.

His second character is a conquistador who has been sent by his queen to ancient Mayan society where he searches for the tree of life in order to free her from captivity.

And in a third plot he is traveling through space in a bubble with an ancient tree towards a nebula that wraps a dying star.

It all sounds a little...."artsy fartsy," right? Well it is but it's also a great story about life, death, love and the prospects of eternity. And if you want something off of main stream films this one is worth watching.

The movie (mostly the third plot line) inspired me to make this photograph similarly titled, "The Fountain."

© Ashley Williamson 2010

This is what a fish bowl, some painted poster board, small twigs and some faux foliage (the leaf on the tree I stole from my house plant) will get you.
(Also, a thanks to Christine Nowicki Kelce for being my studio assistant.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Splish Splash

I haven't posted any new product work in a while and thought I've been a little overdue. After some time in the studio and in front of a computer, here's what I've been up to: a contact lens.

© Ashley Williamson 2010