Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy as a....person who's really, really busy.

It occurred to me today that I haven't posted anything on my blog since...January! I started this as a class assignment and loved the idea. I made time for it every week because I was excited about the project. But since the class has been over I've obviously put it by the way side.

It's a challenge sometimes to keep all my ducks in a row and leave room for leisure or other personal pursuits. I work a full time job, take five class (which is 20 hours in a class room a week plus working on assignments) and I commute about 20 miles to get to school. And there's always that small detail of maintaining personal relationships with friends and family. Whew! It's quite overwhelming sometimes and honestly, updating a blog hasn't been on the top of my list. But today, Sunday May 10th, I think it's about time.

I am so excited about all the classes I have going on right now. One I'm actually surprised about is my advertising class. I never seriously thought about doing studio work as a passion but something about this class has got me thinking otherwise.

The most recent assignment was to create a visual metaphor for a specific client. Other than that the reigns on creativity were free. After sipping away on a raspberry tea Snapple I came up with this idea which I'm quite pleased with.