Monday, March 1, 2010

Collaborative Efforts

Fish, fish, fish. I couldn't stop thinking about a fish in tank. From there a thought crept in of a feather floating in the air. Water and air: I couldn't figure out what it meant and what it was supposed to be as a photograph, other than the elements. I don't know how I decided that every image in my head should be tied to a product but I just wasn't getting to an end. I was talking about it with a friend and then out came the suggestion, "Element skateboards." And that was final piece I was looking for.

I like the idea of advertising something without using the actual "something." The idea for my photograph is exactly that. Water that's not exactly water, fire that's not exactly fire, etc.

Also, this project was a nice reminder of how sometimes an outside opinion or second set of eyes can show you something you never saw. Much like taking a break from your own work can bring a fresh insight when revisited late.

So opinions and suggestions always welcome.